Captain RibMan‘s MASSIVE DUMP

Created & published this 110-page book, “Captain RibMan’s MASSIVE DUMP: The Incomplete & Poorly Researched History of America’s Most Wanted Superhero.” Whether you are familiar with Captain RibMan or not, this book will be an excellent companion for entertainment, reference or balancing a wobbly table. It features many of Captain RibMan’s exploits and exploitations from his turbulent history through comic strips, fake ads and memorabilia from the entire run of the Captain RibMan comic strip.

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For more information of the history and creation of Captain RibMan, please click here.

“The #1 syndicated strip in college newspapers.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“I loved RibMan at first sight!”

Mark HamillActor

“Best Online Comic Strip of the Year! …stylish graphics and a wicked sense of humor.”

Yahoo!Internet Life Magazine

“A Times Pick!”

Los Angeles Times

“Rife with pop culture references about everything from other superheroes to Roy Lichtenstein paintings to Xena the Warrior Princess, the RibMan strip is riding a wave of popularity.”

Lawrence Journal World

“My whole family remains avid RibMan fans. I like him the best of ALL my former clients.”

Dick MorrisFormer presidential advisor

[About RibMan on politics:]

“Farce imitates farce.”

George StephanopoulosABC News Chief Anchor

“As always, we laughed at your stuff. Long live Captain RibMan!”

Fred WillardActor & Comedian

“The artwork is clean, simple and dynamic… As for originality, this is one of-a-kind. We haven’t seen anything like it. The idea of a Superhero parody is a good one, and RibMan presents it wonderfully.”

Midtown Comics

“[Rich] and John’s creativity and incessant quest for the loony boggles the mind!”

Bill FarleyPlayboy Magazine Spokesperson

“A great satire on superheroes and life in general.”

terra incognita

“It looks great — very funny! Plus my features become more manageable, less terrifying in 2D… Incredibly cool comic.”

Mike NelsonMystery Science Theater 3000

“It’s all self-interest. I’m angling for mention in Capt. RibMan. Keep up the great work.”


“The strip called RibMan had an appealing, hip sensibility to it [with] edgy humor and goofy charm. …There’s a freshness, a smart-alecky glibness to it, that’s unexpected and attractive. RibMan is a bright, bracing spoof of a tried-and-true formula that’s both fun and well executed.”

Jake MorrisseyEditor for Calvin & Hobbes & The Far Side